Marketing Automation Manager

Live online certification course for everyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of digital marketing and marketing automation

Expert lecturer: Michael Vaclav
Workshop dates: 23. 3. 2022–11. 5. 2022
Location: Online
Marketing automation is about the tool-supported planning, implementation and optimization of marketing processes for individualized marketing along the customer journey. For years, marketing and sales have been talking about the right information, at the right time, with the right content, for the right person.
In short, this familiar phrase can be summed up as marketing through customers. And that’s what marketing automation is all about.

You can now find out how to implement this quickly in your company and increase your sales success in the long term.

Join Slovenia’s first online course to become a certified Marketing Automation Manager!

Marketing automation types
Marketing Automation is now the industry norm… Customers now come to your business through many channels, and that’s why having a marketing automation strategy is now more of a requirement than a perk when it comes to owning a business.
(J. Steward, Findstack, January 2022)

Statistics show amazing benefits of marketing automation:

  • 63% of companies using marketing automation outperformed competitors.
  • Sales productivity increases by 14.5% after using marketing automation.
  • 80% of marketers saw an increase in the number of leads after using marketing automation software.
  • Using chatbots can help save up to 30% of customer support costs.
  • Automated social media posts and ads can save you more than 6 hours per week.
  • Marketing automation drives a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.
    14.80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase.

Source: Findstack, January 2022


Michael Vaclav

Co-founder and managing partner of the company brandREACH, which specializes in marketing & sales automation, as well as shareholder of the B2B inbound marketing agency spacemarketing.

In addition, as a board member of the Dialogue Marketing Association Austria (DMVÖ), he heads the “Expert Group Marketing Automation” and teaches Marketing & Sales Automation as a lecturer at the ISA (International Sales Academy) in the MBA course “International Sales Management” and at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten in the master’s course “Digital Marketing”.

Since 2021, Michael Vaclav is holding the training to become a “certified Marketing Automation Manager” in the region of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Due to its great success, this format has now also been translated into English and will now also be open to an international audience in 2022.

Michael Vaclav


Interactive LIVE workshops, held online, exercises and practical examples, group feedback sessions, individual coaching

23. 3. 2022 | 10:00–15:00

  • Introduction round, expectations & goals, agenda
  • What is marketing automation and what is it not?
  • Where does marketing automation come from?
  • How has marketing automation evolved?
  • Where will marketing automation go?
  • Marketing automation strategy
  • Marketing automation technology

30. 3. 2022 | 10:00–15:00

  • Q&A Session & Short Recap
  • Why Marketing Automation?
  • Marketing automation in lead generation
  • Marketing automation in lead re-engagement
  • Marketing automation for up- & cross-selling
  • Marketing automation for existing customer care
  • Marketing automation in partner management
  • Further user cases

6. 4. 2022 | 10:00–15:00

  • Q&A Session & Short Recap
  • Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation
  • Outbound Marketing & Marketing Automation
  • Buyer Profile Development (B2B/B2C)
  • Buyer Personas Development
  • Buyer’s Journey Development
  • Buyer’s Journey Map Development

13. 4. 2022 | 10:00–12:00

Group Feedback Session

20. 4. 2022 | 10:00–12:00

  • Life cycle management
  • KPIs & Optimization
  • Practical work & appointment scheduling (individual presentations)
  • Practical work:
  • Development of a buyer persona (profile, persona, journey (map) based on the learned content.

Individual appointments for presentation of the results.

4. 5. 2022 | 10:00–15:00

    • Q&A Session & Short Recap
    • Contextual Marketing
    • Scoring (Contact/Company/Deal)
    • Account Based Marketing
    • Sales enablement (B2B)
    • Practical work & appointment scheduling (individual presentations)

    Practical work: Creation of a lead generation process based on the learned content including documentation & hypothesis, based on the created buyers journey map.

    Individual appointments for presentation of the results.

    11. 5. 2022 | 10:00–15:00

        • Q&A Session & Short Recap
        • What is the right way to start a marketing automation project?
        • What lessons can we draw from known errors?
        • How is a requirement specification sheet created? 
          • Definition of requirements (departments, processes, …)
          • Further criteria – best practice
        • PoC
        • Typical project phases
        • Project team and roles
        • Typical work packages

        Closing, Feedback & Celebration


        Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate in the English language:

        "Marketing Automation Manager"

        Who is this course for

        • People with experience in marketing, sales or PR who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of digital marketing
        • People who have already gained experience in a sub-area of online marketing and would now like to get compact, practical wholesome insight into the complex fieldof online marketing
        • Newcomers and interested parties who want to gain a foothold in the field and are interested in online marketing
        • The self-employed, entrepreneurs and SMEs who need online marketing in everyday life to market themselves and their company
        • Returners who have worked in the field of marketing and now want to update their online marketing knowledge
        • People who completed their studies in marketing a long time ago and now want to expand and update their knowledge with modern aspects

        Participant opinion

        “In Michael Vaclav’s Marketing Automation Manager course, you will receive an intensive “deep dive”. The course leader already has 7 years of experience with this topic, which will become increasingly important in the future. Michael Vaclav places a special focus on holistic, stringent strategic planning. He is also very good at engaging people with little know-how. Through tasks from your own areas of work, the acquired know-how is immediately transferred into practice.”
        Ingrid Eppensteiner


        Registration fee: 2.490,00 € per participant (VAT not included)
        Additional discounts:
        • second participant gets 10 % discount
        • third and further participants get 15 % discount
        Please, fill out the registration form below.
        Terms of service

        After receiving the pro forma invoice, the registration fee must be paid at least three days before the start of the program. State budget users are subject to payment conditions in accordance with public payment legislation. Written cancellation of participation is possible up to ten working days before the start of the program, whereby you will be charged administration costs in the amount of 20% of the registration fee; in case of later cancellation you will be charged the full registration fee. The program can be attended by a different participant. Cancellation due to illness is possible only with a submitted medical certificate. We reserve the right to cancel the program – in this case the registration fee is refunded in full. By written application for the program you accept these provisions in the general conditions.

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